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Rose series white / cream - Vendela Rose

Vendela Rose is invented by TauTau Corp of Germany in 1998. A fresh cream rose, Vendela is almost all flower shop's #1 selling cream rose in the world. Its very large head opens into a cup-shaped bloom with well defined, slightly curled edges. Vendela is greatly admired for the hint of pink found on the petal edges. Vendela roses are used in almost all wedding ceremonies in western countries and some of high end wedding ceremonies in China.

Vendela Rose are also used to dye blue color to make blue roses because of its perfect cup shape and clear color.

All Vendela Roses sold in Annieflower are from Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. The length is about 70cm-80cm, big bloom(6.0-7.0cm), perfect shape. It is mainly exported to foreign countries and therefore is expensive and rare in mainland China, esp. in high season like Valentine's day.

Bridal Hand Tied Bouquet - Vendela Rose

Bride's Maid Hand Tied Bouquet - Vendela Rose

Annieflower has a few Vendela Rose products in its premium flower category:

a013: The only one.

a028: My Love With Stars.

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