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Making a Fresh Flower Posy Table Arrangement

Essential Items:

A Deep Bowl; Fresh Water; a Floral Bowl; a Floral Foam Brick; Florist's Fixing Tape; a Pair of Scissors; a Sharp Craft Knife; Fresh Flowers; Fresh Foliage

Step 1 - Preparing the Container

Cut the floral foam to fit the floral bowl;

Fill a deep bowl with fresh water and place the foam on top – allow the foam to sink. (Never push it under). This will only take about 30 seconds. After the foam has sunk it will be darker in colour and ready to use;

Remove the foam from the deep bowl and place it back in the floral bowl. Then, to secure the foam in position, run the florist’s fixing tape over the top of the foam and down the sides of the floral bowl.

Step 2 - Greening Up

The bowl is now ready for the foliage to be added to the foam – this is called greening up. Start by adding the foliage around the base of the bowl, keeping a nice circular shape all the way round, placing the foliage into the foam at an angle, pointing downwards. (This will hide the bowl and the tape).;

Continue by adding more foliage around the sides, keeping a steady circular shape as you go. This foliage should be a little shorter than the base foliage as you to start to build a dome shape.;

Finish off by adding some foliage to the top of the foam to complete the dome shape.

Step 3 - Adding the Focal Flowers

You are now ready to add the first flowers to the posy – these are called the ‘focal flowers’ and should be either a single stemmed flower or a single headed flower. Roses, gerberas and carnations are good examples;

Place the first flower upright in the centre of the arrangement just slightly above the foliage;

The second, third and fourth focal flowers should be added slightly above the foliage, at an angle lower down the dome, evenly spaced around the first focal flower. The amount of focal flowers required would depend on the size of the arrangement being made.

Step 4 - Adding the Secondary Flowers
The secondary flowers should compliment the focal flowers – they will help to fill the arrangement and complete the shape of the dome. They should be smaller in size than the focal flowers;

Good examples of flowers suitable for this are chrysanthemums, spray carnations, freesias and statice. These should be firstly added to the base following the same angle as the lower foliage. Gradually mix the various flower varieties to the rest of the arrangement, evenly spaced around the focal flowers, keeping them slightly above the foliage and retaining the dome shape.

Step 5 - Adding the "Filler" Flowers
For the finishing touch, add some filler flowers such as solidago, gypsophila and limonium. This will have the effect of softening the arrangement. Place the filler flowers delicately throughout the arrangement between the focal and secondary flowers – the posy arrangement is now complete!

Caring for your Arrangement

  • Place the posy arrangement in a cool room, away from direct sunlight, radiators and draughts;

  • Water the arrangement with about half a cup approximately every other day depending on the temperature and environment it is kept in;

  • Make sure the base is dry before replacing back in position to avoid any damage to furniture;

  • Remove any old blooms to encourage the opening of new ones.

    From: Flowers Delivered UK

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