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Try Make This L Shape Interpretive Arrangement

The L shape interpretive arrangement originates from the classical L shape arrangement. Because it is an interpretive arrangement, it has more designs and incorporates more lines than the classical form.

The L shape interpretive is in the shape of the letter L, and it is assymmetrical. The vertical line can be shorter than the horizontal line and vice versa.

Also, the distribution of flowers in an interpretive arrangement is always uneven but done in groupings.

The materials I used to make this arrangement are :

  • purple dendrobiums
  • white dendrobiums
  • yellow dendrobiums
  • orange dendrobiums
  • fatsia leaves
  • cypress sticks
  • johol leaves
  • ferns

    When making this arrangement, define the vertical line and horizontal line first.

    In this arrangement, I used the purple dendrobiums in both vertical and horizontal lines. I also used white dendrobiums to add volume to both the lines.

    To avoid imbalance between the horizontal and vertical and to also add more lines to the arrangement, I added cypress sticks to the vertical line.

    The vertical line looks like this...

    And the horizontal line looks like this...

    At the focal area, I used the orange dendrobiums and yellow dendrobiums.

    The johol leaves are done in groupings, too.

    Lastly, I added fatsia leaves at the side bottom of the arrangement.

    And the result is, a beautiful L shape interpretive arrangement made of colourful orchids.

    From: Flower Arrangment Advisor

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