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Only fresh flower products available on Valentine's Day. Valentine Category
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Concoction of Love
Concoction of Love
US$ 49.48
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Chocolate Lover
Chocolate Lover
US$ 87.98
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Valentine's Gift
Valentine's Gift
US$ 85.78
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Love Parade
Love Parade
US$ 42.88
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Mix surprise
Mix surprise
US$ 47.28
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Classic Love
Classic Love
US$ 32.98
Love & Romance-Best Seller-100% Heart (Pink)
100% Heart (Pink)
US$ 153.98
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Amore
US$ 34.08
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Piece Photo Puzzle
Piece Photo Puzzle
US$ 30.78
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Heart whisper
Heart whisper
US$ 62.68
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Bewitched
US$ 54.98
Love & Romance-Best Seller-With Love To You
With Love To You
US$ 36.28
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Sweet Love
Sweet Love
US$ 32.98
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Sweet heart
Sweet heart
US$ 71.48
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Photo Crystal Portrait-Heart
Photo Crystal Portrait-Heart
US$ 39.58
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Queen Of My Heart
Queen Of My Heart
US$ 60.48
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Red Lover
Red Lover
US$ 142.98Special
Love & Romance-Best Seller-Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day
US$ 65.98
Love & Romance > Best Seller :  Page 1/7  [Next>>]

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On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to say thank you to the staff of "Annie flower", for their prompt and courteous service. I am American presently residing in Australia, with the majority of my family living in China. Flowers are an important part of my gift giving in the course of the year, and with so many places and cultures involved, It is such a delight to work with such a professional establishment. There has never been a delay and the quality of product has been outstanding. If there is a question, it is immediately resolved with a phone call. Well done, bravo. Yours is the only company that I will consider for my floral delivery needs. Happy New Year from Australia
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