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Annieflower Update

New Coupon to returning customers! [1475268 reads] 6/26/2010
10% Off Coupon for All Mother's Day Orders [63226 reads] 4/16/2009
New Coupon! 5% off all orders before 2009-4-16! [1484952 reads] 3/16/2009
2009 Lunar New Year Cut-Off and Holiday Hours [1735108 reads] 1/11/2009
Annieflower becomes distributor of Grand Health and GNN products [143519 reads] 11/30/2008
Annieflower featured products - premium flowers on shelves [3963 reads] 10/23/2008
Moon Festival Products online and discount coupon sent out [7306 reads] 8/21/2008
New service: choose delivery time and take a picture [2347 reads] 7/24/2008
New service: deliver at your desired time, take a picture of the recipient and your gifts [2281 reads] //
New products: personalized gifts [2202 reads] //
2008 Chinese Valentine's Day new products released [2154 reads] //

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